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Specialists for international road cargo transport

Already 20 years of experiences, inovations and expansion in the area of road cargo transport.

Renovation of the fleet

Thanks to the regular renovation of the fleet are more satisfied not only our employees, but also our environment.

Renovation of the fleet

Our fleet consists exclusively of Volvo and Scania tractors, which are regularly exchanged for newer models. In the present, all of our tractors fulfil Euro 6 norm.

Our fleet

Our own logistic complex

Over the course of our existence we have built our own logistic base equipped with our own storage facilities and operating machinery.

Our own logistic complex

Troughout the existence of our company we have built our own storage facilities equipped with efficient operating machinery. Thanks to that we can react faster to the changing needs of our customers.

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The newest certificates

In Delta Road Transport, we constantly inovate and fulfil all of the newest norms as evidenced by our certificates.


Also thanks to the always actual certification we keep being ahead of our competition. We fulfil ISO 9001:2016 certification, and we also dispose of a credible company certificates.

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